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Born in 1894, our founder, Henry "Hap" Hazard was an ambitious 20 years old when he opened Hazard's Cyclesport in 1914. A multi-faceted man, Hap possessed not only profound mechanical understanding, but physical force to back it up. His breadth of mechanics far surpassed the scope of bicycles spilling over into automobiles, racing boats, and airplanes. Hap competed in speedboat races during the 2o's, and legend has it had world-famous pilot Charles Lindberg aboard his race boat many times. Blessed with not only intelligence, Hap also competed as a semi-professional boxer for a short time and was as competent with his brawn as he was his brain. There are rumors that Hap settled more than a few "disagreements" in the alley behind the original Hazard's! However, far from a callous brute Hap's incredible acts of generosity, selflessness, and community outreach are the tenets from which Hazard's was established and remain at the core of our ethos. 

Santa Barbara, California is a small, yet deeply velo-centric area. A cycling destination for countless professional athletes, teams, and enthusiasts because of the incredible topography and weather, the area has also seen a dizzying amount of home-grown talent develop right before its eyes. In addition, Santa Barbara has spawned numerous cycling related companies, many of which still thrive today. There is clearly no shortage of love for the bike in this town. 

Because of the expansive scope of bicycling, and cyclist's in general, in the area it is not uncommon to have a $50.00 "Wal-Mart" bike in the repair stand right next to a $10,000 pro-level race bike. Our focus is to give each bike and its owner the EXACT same attention and respect. Bicycle service and retail is a fascinating industry to be involved in and it's a blessing to be able to do it an area that is so receptive and appreciative of the beauty and gifts we have related to cycling. Chief among our belief system is that anybody who rides a bike is ok with us. It is our way to treat everyone the same, make them feel welcomed and understood, and to do everything within our power to keep each person pedaling. 

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Delivering to you in Santa Barbara

We have developed an exclusive Specialized Delivery service here in the Greater Santa Barbara Area, where Specialized offers more than just our goods and services in a store. 

Here at Hazard's Cyclesport we will bring the bike directly to you. Our expert staff will assemble your bike, deliver it to your home and go over all the details to get you dialed in for your next epic ride!

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Our team of service pros can handle all bike maintenance and repair. Choose from our comprehensive value-packed tune-up package deals or individually priced services. We maintain a huge stock of popular service parts and our tools and equipment are new and state-of-art.



We believe that bikes have the power to change lives. Our team of experts will get you set up for the perfect demo, help you find your next dream ride, or simply answer your burning bike questions.

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